Go Firewall is a software firewall and router distribution


Go Firewall is a firewall and router distribution based on BSD. It has a lot of functions and feature that made network handling for IT person more easier.

1. Firewall
2. Easy to use Web Centered Visual Interface no need to know how to create software guidelines, it is beneficial however.
3. Installation Set up Wizard
4. Wireless Accessibility Factor (must set up a wifi interface)
5. Abiltiy to create and software several subnets ( seperate Bookkeeping, Promotion, R&D and revenue from each other)
6. Traffic Shaping
7. State Table
8. NAT
9. Redundancy
10. CARP (failover) – CARP from OpenBSD allows for components failover. Two or more fire walls can be designed as a failover team. If one interface isn’t able on the main or the main goes off-line entirely, the additional becomes effective. Go Firewall also contains settings synchronization abilities, so you create your settings changes on the main and they instantly connect to the additional software.
11. pfsync – pfsync guarantees the firewall’s condition desk is duplicated to all failover designed fire walls. This implies your current relationships will be managed in the situation of failing, which is essential to avoid system interruptions.
12. Load Controlling both Confident and Inbound
13. nmap, called ping, traceroute via the GUI
14. VPN – IPsec, OpenVPN, PPTP
15. PPPoE Server
16. RRD Charts Reporting
17. Real Time Details – Using AJAX
18. Dynamic DNS
19. Captive Portal
20. DHCP Hosting server and Relay
21. Command range spend access
22. Wake on LAN
23. Proxy Server
24. built in sniffer – bundle capture
25. Ability to back-up and reinstate your software settings via the web GUI
26. Edit information via the web GUI

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Go Firewall is a firewall and router distribution